From elite Mares to Champions:            Our passion for exellent breeding

Our mares represent the absolute elite among the currently most powerful dam lines in the world. With their genetics, athletic performance, or their own talent, they have secured a place in our breeding program. At our stable, we have been breeding show jumpers for over 50 years. As breeders of the second generation, we of all people know that the future needs a strong foundation. Our exceptional expertise lies not only in our generational knowledge of our dam lines but also in our firsthand familiarity with stallions, allowing us to combine the strengths of both mares and stallions for an optimal outcome. As a result numerous licensed stallions and Grand Prix horses have been born at our stable.

We understand that a healthy and high-performing sports horse requires appropriate rearing. Foaling is still personally overseen by our team, and our foals grow up on spacious pastures near the beautiful North Sea in Schleswig-Holstein, ensuring they have the best possible start in life.

On our new platform, innovation meets tradition, allowing you to acquire a modern, genetically secure foal that has been raised with love and passion and is ready for the future. And that's not all – we can also occasionally offer offspring of our mares, ranging from licensed stallions to fully trained sport horses.

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Master of Equine Management &

Co-Founder SV-Breeding

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