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  • Sven Völz

    Stallion Owner, Breeder &

    Co-Founder SV-Breeding

    Phone: +49 173 9461518

  • Thea Jelcic

    Master of Equine Management &

    Co-Founder SV-Breeding

    Phone: +49 174 1974555

  • SV Breeding


    Phone: +49 5823 955520



What sets us apart?

Comfortable, innovative, and from anywhere

On our innovative online platform, you have the unique opportunity to buy foals in a completely new manner – simple, transparent, and without any inconvenient bidding wars. You can hand in your bid for the foal of your choice online. Thanks to our straightforward process. Within 48 hours your bid will be processed. Which guarantees a speedy and transparent transaction.

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Secure and stress-free buying experience

We understand that purchasing a top-quality foal is an important decision, which is why we place special emphasis on providing you with a safe and trustworthy environment. Our platform stands out for its clear information, reliable transactions, and user-friendly interface. Our prices and conditions are clear and equal for everyone. No more tedious bidding wars - instead, we offer a modern, stress-free, and efficient solution to find the perfect foal for you.

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Reliable partner by your site

After you have won the bid, we remain by your side and offer you our ongoing support. Together with our partners and colleagues from various corners of Germany, we accompany you on your journey. We will support you with breeding, preparation for grading, and training up to the international level. We specialize in making the breeding and purchasing process as uncomplicated as possible for you.
Only a few stress-free steps separate you from achieving your breeding project



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