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This lineage can be traced back to the year 1880 and originates from the Brilliant daughter Ahne 4352. In the following years, this lineage was limited to only a few filly foals. In 1998, the mare Gamma II, descended from the mare Validira, produced the licensed stallion Carpalo through a pairing with Carpaccio. Carpalo was successful in sports up to the advanced level. This mare produced three more successful sport horses.

Another notable branch of the 2065 lineage was established through the mare Neta v. Cardianal. She too came from Validira. From her, the Romino daughter Wismut was bred, who in turn produced the Los Alamos mare Datura. With this Los Alamos mare, the licensed stallion Corrado Son v. Corrado I and the Cassini I mare Vismut were bred. Vismut has so far produced three horses that are successful up to the advanced level, as well as two licensed stallions. Among them is Christian Grey, a son of Colman, who achieved international success up to 1.55m under Jan Grochowski. There is also a licensed stallion by Jaloubet K VDL from 2020. Another well-known descendant of Vismut is the mare Colina 70, a daughter of Colman, who was very successful up to the highest level with Danish rider Lars Bak Andersen. Furthermore, she produced the mare Jolie SV from a pairing with L.B Crumble, who has already made her mark in international sport under Norwegian rider Erik Preben Strand.

Another breeding line of this lineage, which originated from the descendants of the mare Validira, produced highly successful offspring. Particularly noteworthy is the mare Carena 11, a daughter of Corrado I out of Estragon v. Alcatraz, who initially excelled in international sport up to the advanced level under Thomas Voss and later under Jörg Naeve. She also produced the successful mare Comtessa Z v. Campione, who competed up to 1.60m.

The Cassini I daughter Zofia, also out of Estragon v. Alcatraz, produced the mare Inside of my Heart in 2016 from a pairing with L.B. Crumble. This mare, ridden by Phillipp Battermann, is already excelling at the advanced level and was crowned the Holsteiner Show Jumping Champion for 7-year-old horses this year.

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