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The Holsteiner lineage 318a1 can be traced back to the mare Claudine v. First, born in 1925. While this lineage may not be among the largest and most well-known, it has still produced several significant horses.

Some of the notable licensed stallions from this lineage include Chocolat, Quinta Real, Veron, Cloney, and Bellagio II.

Over time, many successful sport horses have emerged from this lineage, such as Baladine du Rouet (J.M. Diedrichsmeier, GER), Quinar de Cassini (W. Ryan, IRL), Cashmira (V. Lambrecht, BEL), Rekordia (L. Schranz, AUT), Kenzo (M. Tebbel, GER), Oki Boy (A. Sanchez-Arcilla Artinano, ESP), Darthago (J. Schmerbeck, GER), Clarksen (J. Schon, GER), Quirin (M. Buchheim, GER), Camino (F.B. Seim, NOR), Carre (S. Mossmann, USA), Lombardi (H. Griese, GER), Cora (B. Müller, GER), Lex Lekoda (L. Mantel, GBR), Capitol H I M (CIC4, H.S. Burnett, USA), Charmking (CIC 4*, H.Payne, USA), and Caspian (CIC 4*, L. Romeike, SWE).

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